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go potty

The ultimate app for potty training

We help you ditch the nappies for £26.99

Tailored to your child

Instructions and tips tailored to your child’s age and personality.

Scientific research

Developed by child psychologists based on scientific research.

100% satisfaction

For Premium members we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Parents’ experiences

Listen to the stories and experiences of Dutch parents who have used Go Potty to get their child potty trained. See why they love our app and how it’s made a difference in their daily lives.

“Jonne is potty trained after persevering for one week 🙂 I was guided by the information and the realisation I really had to commit to ditching the nappies. That really helped us stick with it afterwards too.”

Eva, mummy to Jonne (19 months)

“Great app, clear and easy to use. We immediately started potty training at day and night and our daughter got the hang of it really quickly. I’m sure your method was responsible for this success.”

Caroline, mummy to Hannah (2 years 8 months)

“It was fantastic to get some tips on taking this step with our daughter. It was also great to read other people’s experiences, questions and doubts during the process.”

Linda, mummy to Iris (2 years)

“We tested and approved Go Potty. We did exactly as described, and nappies, at day and night, are now a thing of the past. Would recommend!”

Mummy to Gaëlle (2 years 3 months)

“A good result. I wish I had started sooner. We’d been waiting until she showed more interest in the potty, but evidently that wasn’t necessary. If we’d done it sooner, we would have saved a load of nappies, hassle and red bottoms.”

Mummy to Abby (2 years 8 months)

“A great app with clear, concise instructions for potty training your child. Being able to share your experiences with other parents and ask questions is motivating. Those few days with your child are intense. The app motivates you to keep going.”

Corine, mummy to Jesse (2,5 yrs)

“Clear information and motivating. Wonderful to have Joas out of his nappies!”

Janneke, mummy to Joas (3 years 8 months)

“The app motivates you to really invest in the training. You get an overview so you can notice a pattern.”

Angela, mummy to Lilly (2 years 8 months)

“A great guide for potty training and it really motivates you to stick with it.”

Katharina, mummy to Nora (2 years 4 months)

Getting started with potty training?

when to start

You wonder how you know when your child is ready. Should you wait until your child starts showing interest in the potty or toilet by themselves?

busy life

You have a busy life. Work, family, sports and socialising. You have no time to do research. In fact, you have very little time and energy to work on potty training.

what approach suits us

What approach works best for you and your child? Are you doing it right? Should you push through or just wait and see? How do other parents deal with this sh&#t?

information overload

Google, social media and advice from girlfriends and your mother-in-law about potty training. What is true now? You can’t see the forest for the trees.

Recognise this? The Go Potty app gives you the right tools and support to get it right the first time. Your child will be potty trained in no time!

When to start potty training? The 7 things every parent ought to know.

what do i need to do

Get started

1. Download the app

2. Check if your child is ready and which method fits best

3. Get Premium (£26.99) and follow the 6 step plan.

3. Be proud of your potty trained child (and yourself 😉) in no time.

What do you get with our app


Simple step-by-step instructions.

customised tips

Instructions and tips tailored to your child’s age and personality.


See how others are doing and share your experiences.


Monitor your progress by logging in accidents and successes.

digital coach

Support from our digital coach.

potty training experts

Personal advice from an expert whenever needed.

Potty training through the years

Children are being potty trained later and later. In the 1940s, most children were potty trained at around 12 months. Now, they are 3 years old on average.

 This increase is caused on the one hand by the convenience of disposable nappies, and on the other hand because of the parenting style that emerged in the 1960s with its trend for waiting ‘until your child is ready’. This is a myth perpetuated by the nappy industry.

 We say goodbye to this habit; let’s go potty! For most children, 18 months is a great age for potty training. 

Why potty train?



proud boy on potty

no more faffing around with nappies

Nappies cost time and energy. As a busy parent you’ve got better things to be doing than changing pooey nappies, right? Once your child is potty trained: bye bye bad smells and red bottoms!

girl and mother blowing bubbles on potty

save £400

Nappies cost a lot of money. On average, disposable nappies cost £32 per month. That’s around £400 per year! That would be a great saving, wouldn’t it?

boy on potty

protect the environment

Disposable nappies are hardly recyclable and create 300 pounds of waste per child per year. Each wash of washable nappies consumes about 60 liters of water.

Go Potty
The ultimate app for potty training