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Go Potty wants to make the world a bit better. By saving on dirty nappies, our potty training experts helping parents and children. An earlier, easier and more enjoyable approach is possible.
In the 1940s, children were potty trained at around 12 months. Quick potty training was an absolute necessity as washing nappies was hard work. But with the convenience of disposable nappies, this necessity disappeared. Children in the western world are now potty trained on average at around 3 years old.

This increase is caused on the one hand by the convenience of disposable nappies, and on the other hand because of the parenting style that emerged in the 1960s with its trend for waiting ‘until your child is ready’. This is a myth perpetuated by the nappy industry.

We say goodbye to this habit; let’s go potty! For most children, 18 months is a great age for potty training.

Elianne Leeffers

CEO & Founder

Go Potty was founded by Elianne Leeffers. Elianne lives in The Hague with her husband and three children. After the birth of her third child, Elianne started thinking about reducing her family’s environmental impact. With a baby in the house, her thoughts soon turned to nappies. Disposable nappies are not recyclable and account for a huge amount of waste.

In the end she realised: the most environmentally friendly nappy is no nappy at all! Her children were all potty trained around 1.5 years old. Elianne developed the Go Potty method based on her own experiences and scientific insights.

Elianne worked in the corporate world for many years. She specialises in behavioural change and the development of training sessions.

Jantien van Korlaar
Children’s coach & children’s nurse

Jantien is passionate about working with children, because they always have something interesting to say. It is a challenge to connect with children, enter their worlds and to try and get the most out of them on the basis of this.

If you can gain their trust, so much is possible. The question is how to do that; there’s a different way in with every child. Jantien specialises in helping children who encounter problems with potty training.

Jantien is one of the Go Potty experts. She is ready to help parents and children if potty training doesn’t go to plan.

Diane Kokkeler

Children’s coach

Diane supports parents and children with day-to-day parenting challenges. For example, children who do not feel comfortable in themselves, have mood swings or have issues related to sleep or potty training.

Parents can let off steam with her and get things off their chests. With her professional point of view, she gives parents and children suitable advice and supervision. This helps the whole family get back on track.

Diane is one of the Go Potty experts. She is ready to help parents and children if potty training doesn’t go to plan.

Laura Namer

Parent Support and Product Development Manager

Laura is a French-Turkish psychologist and is currently completing her Master’s in Parenting and Child Development in Education and Child Studies at Leiden University.

Laura is a Parent Support and Product Development Manager at Go Potty. She mainly works on improving our product so that everyone can find what they are looking for and what suits them best. She is also the point of contact for parents with questions.

Paehel Zafar

Intern Master Business and Administration

Paehal is a passionate digital marketer pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (specialization: marketing) from Pakistan. She creates and manages dynamic social media and website marketing campaigns. Data analytics is her keen focus for digital marketing initiatives.

Paehal is the first digital marketing intern at Go Potty. She strives to nurture positive relationships with parents by providing valuable content. She is excited to make the world a better place to live by spreading mass awareness about the environmental impact of disposable nappies.

Seth Schröder


Seth studies BSc Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft and works part-time as a software developer at Go Potty.

He has a passion for software engineering and in particular Android app development, having released several apps. At Go Potty, he is remaking the app and overhauling the backend systems for it. He also helps fix issues with the current app.

Miriam Afman

Intern Bachelor Pedagogical Sciences

Miriam is a third-year BSc student of Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Groningen.

She is one of the interns at Go Potty. Miriam will be researching how best to help parents of twins and multiples with potty training.

Mariëlle Vos

Children’s Psychologist & Children’s coach

As an independent child psychologist and children’s coach, Mariëlle likes to help parents with raising their children. Over the past twenty years she has gained a lot of experience working with children and their parents of all shapes and sizes.

Mariëlle supports parents in the pedagogical field, in line with the possibilities of the child. Potty training is a part of the development of the (young) child that does not always go smoothly and about which quite a few questions may arise.

Mariëlle was born and raised in The Hague. Together with her son, she still lives in that beautiful city behind the dunes. Mariëlle is one of the Go Potty experts. She is ready to help parents and children if potty training doesn’t go to plan.


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